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About us
Novin Pooshesh Sophie Company (reg No. 1457) was established in Tehran, Abas Abad Industrial Zone. Due to growing need for barrier and anti-corrosion coating in Iranian industry, our company started its activity in 2006 and has been giving services to Iranian industries in the following areas:
- Industrial PTFE Coatings
- Non-stick coating
- Ceramic Coatings
- Epoxy, Poly Urethane and other industrial coatings
Applying coats on various industrial parts including:
- Bolts, Stud bolts and Nuts used in Gas, Oil & Petrochemical industry
- Industrial Valves and Pumps used in Gas, Oil & Petrochemical industry
- Industrial rollers (up to 3 meters in size)
- Injection molds used in Polymer, Foam, Styrofoam and Plastic Industries
- Bushings and Bearings
- Tanks and reservoirs used for storage of acids and other chemicals
Surface preparation:
- Sand Blasting
- Shot Blasting
- Phosphating (Zn & Mn)
With years of experience and employing skilled technicians and experts and also enjoying the latest knowledge and expertise, our company is giving services to various industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotive, Power and Telecommunication, Print and Packing industries in a factory with an area of 1500 meters square.
Our company was granted ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 29001:2010 certification by English company QAL and is also a member of S.I.P.I.E.M (Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers).